About IC designs

IC Designs creates and manufactures high end furniture for interior design and architecture firms.
The company is located in Ascoli Piceno, a region of central Italy which maintains a tradition of craftsmanship, while identifying with the individual.

The key elements of IC’s success are a result of:

  • an exclusive and customized approach
  • capitalizing on traditional Italian techniques and the knowledge of the local craftsmanship
  • paying great attention to detail
  • having the flexibility to respond to specific client needs


IC therefore provides a unique option, bringing together a contemporary spirit and a classic originality, enabling the creation of unique environments.



After a brief ballet career, a Diploma at the Budapest Opera and six years spent traveling from Paris to the main European cities, an orthopaedic problem forces her to leave the world of ballet.

She finds, then, new motivation and great enthusiasm in interior designing. She starts a period of research and many workshops in Milan and London, where KLC School of design books give her the right preparation and passion to start this new business.

Isabella Costantini has been an interior designer for 20 years, designing high-end residential and hospitality spaces. Over time, in addition to her interior design work, she has specialized in furniture design, product development, styling and creative consultation.

The years spent traveling throughout Europe to study the art and design, give various styles and cultural approaches to her collections, which are a very personal interpretation of the European style: not only she extracts the very best of it, but she brings a personal new perspective. Her most recent line of furniture is inspired by the timeless designs of the 20th century.


Made To Order

From the choice of a handle to a completely tailor-made piece of furniture, the IC team is able to create unique and exclusive items. Through Italian expertise and heritage, IC Designs can offer impeccably tailored pieces for clients who demand the utmost care and attention to detail.


The cut of the collections lends itself to the decoration of hotels de charme, relais, restaurants: in the rooms of a subtly sophisticated, elegant hotel as well as tea rooms, the combination of styles and products creates an atmosphere of refined and composed elegance. The contract division staff also designs bespoke furniture. High production flexibility allows IC to satisfy a wide range of needs for any type of project.


The Piceno, located north east of Rome on the Adriatic coast, has a long heritage in craftsmanship and trade, in addition to being an epicurean centre.

The Piceni were an Italic tribe who became part of the Roman Empire approximately three hundred years before Christ, had the woodpecker as their symbol, which has been kept to date.

Ascoli Piceno, recognized as a jewel of medieval architecture maintains many of the traditions generated over the centuries, including the Quintana, a charming medieval jousting festival. Piazza del Popolo, a traffic-free, travertine-paved main square, is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.

The region is famous for its historical towns rich in masterpieces of art, industrial areas born on traditional artisan activities, a wide range of typical products and traditional plates, a proper sense of welcome and hospitality by its inhabitants.


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